Propeller is a Mac app that allows instant sharing of files. With built in tools for screenshots, screen recording, iOS and webcam recording, as well as comments and annotations, Propeller helps accelerate your productivity by streamlining common daily workflows. In addition, its customizable and brandable drop and preview pages allow you to promote your brand with each interaction.

I was responsible for the main UI/UX design, the promo video, illustrations and motion design for the app. 

Date: 2018 
Categories: UI/UX, Illustration, Motion Graphic Design
Product Manager/Owner: Kostas Nasis
UI/UX Designers: YingYing Zhang, Shu Li
Video Editing: YingYing Zhang
Illustration: YingYing Zhang

Propeller allows you to quickly add numbered callouts as well as general comments to any screenshot or image file.

With Propeller, initiating a screen recording takes only a second. The user can click and drag to select the region of the screen they want to record and a link is immediately copied to the clipboard when you are finished recording.

Sharing a file is as simple as dragging it to the Propeller icon in the menubar. A link is instantly copied to your clipboard, and the Propeller icon spins and fills to indicate upload progress.

Propeller share links lead to beautiful drop pages that can be customized with a company's own branding. The background images can also be customized to reflect a company's products or past work.

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