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To Mars

This is a travel kit for the 2020 expedition to Mars. Once signed up for the trip, you will receive the following in the mail: a clock box (with manual), the app, a hygiene kit, food supplies. The website and the tradeshow display is for promotional purposes. I made heavy use of gradients in the digital designs, and holographic (in the box and manual) and glow-in-the-dark material (in the clock) to give the project a high-tech feel.

The promotional website can be found at:

Date: 2018 
Categories: UI/UX, Illustration, Motion Graphic Design, Packaging
Art Director: Scott Laserow

Trade Show

Bulma Cheat SheetUI/UX, Front-End Development

LogomotionUI/UX, Front-End Development, Motion Graphic Design

To MarsUI/UX, Illustration, Motion Graphic Design, Packaging

RisenUI/UX, Illustration, Motion Graphic Design, Publishing

Dinner with The SlobsPackaging, Illustration

UnlacedPackaging, Illustration

Sous Les MersPackaging, Illustration

PropellerUI/UX, Illustration, Motion Graphic Design

BarredPackaging, Illustration, Motion Graphic Design

Engineering OwlIllustration

ShakePackaging, Illustration

VitalPackaging, Illustration