Back lets you share secrets securely. Your message is encrypted and can be viewed only once by someone with the secure link. Once viewed, the message will self-destruct.


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Often we need to send sensitive information across the web, but we’d rather not have that data not sit around on a database in the cloud. We had the idea to build an ephemeral messaging app that’s easy to use and visually striking.

Security first allows you to send secure, encrypted messages that self-destruct once viewed. We built a system in which it is impossible for anyone other than the person holding the link to read that message.

1. is it safe to use

Yes. We encrypt the message in your browser and give you a link containing the decryption key. The message can be decrypted only by someone with that link, and once decrypted, it is permanently destroyed. Importantly, we never see the link with the decryption key and are not able to view your secrets. It is known only to you and the person you send the link to.

In addition, you can enable two-factor verification, which would require the recipient to not only have the link, but to also enter a verification code sent to their phone number. For this you must provide the recipient's mobile phone number.

2. What happens to my message after it is "burned"?

Your message (and the recipient's phone number, if provided) are permanently wiped from our server as soon as the message is viewed.

3. Do you share the phone numbers with anyone?

Absolutely not. We store your phone number only until the message has been viewed. We don't share this information with anyone, ever.

Visual design

1. color palette

As the application is “”, we felt it appropriate to make the site visually represent a message that is on the verge of being burned. We used orange as the primary color to accentuate this.

On the other hand, after the message is “burned”, when the user clicks on the same link, the website will switch to a a dark gray palette, to reflect that it’s been burned to ashes.

Sending message view

Sending message view

2. hidden / visible message

For the message box, we used a dashed line to show a placeholder where the message content will be displayed, and a solid white background for the viewable content.

After launch

We recieved a lot of attention from Product Hunt users reaching the front page with 234 upvotes. We also recieved a ton of questions and feedback from users all around the world via email.

We later realized the potential of having the link displayed as QR code to quickly transfer passwords between devices and added this as a follow up feature. Sometimes it’s easier to use a smart phone to scan the QR code rather than sending a text message or email with the link.

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