DJ Game

A competive party game where players flex their DJ skills and face off with others to compete for the best song selection.


1 Engineer
2 Designers

My role

UI/UX Design
Graphic Design


After Effects


The initial idea was to create an interactive experience for players that promoted sharing playlists with one another. We wanted the game to be something that could be played casually, but with a competitve edge to keep players coming back for more.

Design objectives

Since this game is usually played by those with a varying range of gaming experience, the biggest challenge is to make onboarding and gameplay as fun and intuitive as possible.

1. simplicity

We kept all user interactions to a bare minimum. Our onboard process was boiled down to a single field for a users name and the game itself has no more than two interactive inputs at any given time.

2. personalization

Customizable avatars, categories, and song selections are examples of how we allow users to put their own personality directly into the game. We believe this fosters organic moments of humor, comradare, and emotion that keep the game feeling fresh.

The onboarding flow

With so many players joining a game simultaneously, onboarding needs to be as simple and unobtrusive as possible. We went through a few different iterations before finding just the right flow.

1. phone verification

We initially thought that allowing users to onboard via a PIN sent to their mobile device would quickly allow us to permanently associate a user to an account. We found that this made the game inaccessible to those without phones and ended up being too obtrusive to be viable.

2. temporary cached user

We found that by creating a temporary account with only a name, we could store the players login infomation in the browser. This allowed new players to immidiately jump into a game. We then send out an email with post game statistics that allows users to fully onboard / claim their account.

Game mechanics

1. start a game

Once everyone has joined the game, any player can start the game with the tap of a button.

5. Rinse and Repeat

The player who starts the game will be prompted to select or create a category which determines the theme for song selections.

3. Select a song

With a category selected, all players will be given two minutes to search for a song that they think best fits the chosen category.

4. Vote

Once all players have selected a song, each song will play in order for a base thirty seconds. As the song plays, everyone will have the ability to upvote or downvote depending on how well they like the song in conjuction with the round category. Each of these votes can add or subtract play time to the song currently playing.

5. Rinse and Repeat

This process will repeat for five rounds. Players will earn crowns for each round won, and their points will continue to rack up on the scoreboard.

6. Crown a champion

Once all of the rounds are completed, an animated scoreboard will tally up the final results and declare one player the victor.

What’s next?

DJ is an ongoing project in its early stages. We plan to ship the game in the coming days as a private beta in select bars across Philadelphia. With a large set of user feedback, we plan to fix bugs and improve user experience until we feel comfortable enough to advertise to a larger audience.

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