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My role

UI/UX Design


After Effects


Animation has always been a passion of mine. What started off as a hobby blossomed into a lucrative side business. The biggest challenge I faced was finding a consistent source of clientele.

Prep work involved

1. Showcasing my abilities

In order to grab the attention of potential customers without compromising on asthetics, I created a cohesive set of animations for various organizations and showcased them on the homepage.

2. straightforward onboarding

In order to maximize conversion, I kept the onboarding process to an absolute minimum. A simple inquiry form sends potential clients directly into my inbox.

3. nailing down a pricing model

A flat rate ensures clients know exactly what they’re paying for. I decided on three pricing tiers, each with deliverables and timing details that reflect the amout of effort involved. To keep the basic plan a low cost option, I offered several cookie-cutter templates that can be semi-automated.


1. make it pop

Because animation is all about bringing life to a piece of art, I arranged a loud and colorful palette to resonate with that energy.

2. bring it to life

Despite the focus of the website revolving around animated logos, you’ll only be greeted by a single animation upon first page load. In order to avoid giving the audience a sensory overload, users can hover over each logo animation to play them independantly. This allows the audience to experience each animation independantly without distraction.

3. keep it simple

The onboarding process was stripped down to its bare essentials. As long as users can provide an email address, name, and logo image, their submission will drop straight into my inbox for a quick follow up.

Intake form - information

Lessons learned

This is the first project I worked on that involves research, animation, design, development, marketing, and customer service. Understanding this full product lifecycle greatly informed my design process.

Finding an audience is tough. Sometimes launching a product into the wild is simply not enough. I have a journey into the world of advertising and community building ahead of me that I’m excited to explore.

Satisfied customers will return. My most consistent source of revenue from this venture comes from happy customers that occasionally come back for more.

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