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Mind Your Banners is the easiest way to find beautiful cover photos for your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.


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Social media profiles have become a large part of our online identity. The customization these pages allow can quickly communicate a lot about who a person is. One of the most effective, yet underutilized ways to express ones interests, is through a banner photo. Finding just the right photo with the correct aspect ratio proved to be much to difficult. Crawling through dodgy websites just to find low quality or water marked images is incredibly frustrating. For these reasons, we decided to create Mind Your Banners.

Mind your banners?

A little play on the phrase “Mind Your Manners”. And our grandma logo looks so fun, doesn’t it?

Collecting images

Initially we planned to scrape and process images using machine learning, but reduced our scope so we could build and ship within a weeks time. To accomplish this, we leveraged a browser plugin that Cody Mikol wrote to pull images from Unsplash and pipe them into a utility Kostas Nasis built that semi-automated the tagging and cropping of banners.

Displaying the banners

With a library of pre-cropped banner images ready to use, we needed to present them on the website in such a way that they are easy to find and visually appealing.

1. browse by categories

In order for the users to quickly find banners they like, we gave each banner pre-defined tags, like “minimal”, “nature”, “art”, etc. This allows users to filter their banners for an intuitive browsing experience.

2. Preview on social media

Adjacent to the banner browsing view, we also provide previews for each of our supported social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). Each preview contains both the desktop and mobile layout.

3. credit to the photographers

To give credit to the generous Unsplash photographers, we captured their unsplash profiles, user names, and original links to Unsplash. On each of the banner images we display this information along with a link to their profile.

Quick downloads

We provide users the ability to quickly download banner images either standalone for individual social media pages, or alltogether in one convenient zip file.


It turns out the users over at Product Hunt really love our punny grandma themed website, and we were awarded the #2 Product of the Day.

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