My Meal Planner

A meal planning app for content creators and health specialists to create and share their recipies.



My role

UI/UX Design




The meal planning market is saturated with monolithic players whose main focus is providing their own library of recipes to users. This inspired my clients to create a meal planning app that focuses on recipe creators, providing them with a ready-to-use solution for marketing their own brand.

Design goals

To create a better platform for both creators and consumers, I designed the app with the following goals in mind:


1. Creator reel

To maximize discoverability, we introduced a creator tab that showcases creators and their recipes. The goal is to let users easily identify creators that match their prefences based on prior subscriptions.

Creator reel

2. contextual search

When users search for creators, the screen will provide some commonly searched keywords for them to get started. If they have any previous search history, the recently searched records will also show up underneath the keywords. As users type in searchbar, the search result will live update with the best matching results.

Contextual search


1. Meal planning

A calendar view allows consumers to add and manage recipes from their subscribed creators.

Meal planning view

2. Shopping list

The grocery shopping list aggregates the ingredients required for the meals saved in a consumers calendar. This allows for the generation of shopping lists over a given timeframe.

Shopping list view


Step-by-step instructions

An instructional interface guides consumers through each cooking adventure.

Cooking view

Looking ahead

Now that we’ve fleshed out the overall flow and designs for the meal planner app, the next step will be iterating on the usibility in conjuntion with real world user testing.

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