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This tool let's you quickly create a printable sign with your WiFi credentials.


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Connecting to WiFi when visiting friends or sitting down at a café has always been a hassle. The ceremony of searching for the right connection and then typing in an almost indecipherable 32 character password is an unpleaseant experience that has no place in the modern age.


1. Existing solutions and technologies

There were two solutions to this problem, the first involved devices that emitted NFC signals and connected devices that touched them, the second was a QR Code format that encoded WiFi credentials which modern devices could connect to automatically upon scanning them. We chose the latter solution as it required no additional hardware.

2. user base

Anyone with a WiFi connection and guests that would like to connect.


1. Make it simple and visual

Simplicity and ease of use was the number one priority for this project. Required fields were kept to an absolute minimum and a live preview was created to ensure an intuitve experience.

WiFi credentials fields

Instant preview

2. localization for A diverse user base

As My WiFi Sign started to gain traction, people all over the world reached out asking to contribute their own translations of the site. To accomodate these requests, the site was revamped to support localization.

Language settings

Translation credits


The success of this project took us completely by surprise, We took the #1 spot on Product Hunt the day after we launched and recieved enough traffic to warrant scaling up our web services considerably. We plan to keep the service free forever, it is our own proof that “if you build it, they will come”.

Product Hunt post

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