Slyce Studio

Slyce is a visual search company that has spent years crafting image recognition technology that solves real-world problems for the some of the world’s largest retail businesses.


2 Engineers
1 Designer

My role

UI/UX Design
Design System




Our clients have visual search SDK integrated in their individual consumer apps. In order to monitor user behaviors and provide a friendly way to manage the apps, we created Slyce Studio, a dashboard to manage organization, analyze user activities, and edit visual search datasets and workflows.

Overview page / dashboard

Space settings

Metrics page with user data

Client spaces overview


After several rounds of design, I put together a styleguide including color, typography, buttons and form widgets, to have a library of reusable components, both in design and code. I created the style and component library in Angular and SCSS, with the help from our front-end developer Serghei Ivanov.

Style guide

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