Slyce Studio

A dashboard to manage client organizations, analyze user activities, and edit visual search datasets and workflows.


4 Engineers
2 Designers

My role

UI/UX Design
Style Guide
Frontend Development




Slyce is a visual search company that provides image recognition technology for the some of the world’s largest retail businesses, including Macy’s, Tommy Hilfiger and Home Depot.

While the management of clients was maintainable during the early stages of product development, as user count and complexity scaled up, our efficency started to drop exponentially. Slyce Studio was our solution to this dilemma. Through automation and interdepartmental tooling, we were able to drastically increase the productivity of customers and our team in terms of managing the visual search product.

Analyzing user needs

The first step in our development is determining who exactly our userbase is and their needs respectively depending on their requirements.

Two tier navigation

To most effectively organize content into it’s respective domains, we decided on a two tier navigation system that populates based on user permissions. This groups related content that will be used in conjuntion based on the current task at hand.

Workflow editor

To enhance developers ability to maintain and version visual search configurations — we included code editing, versioning, documentation, and live testing directly in the application.


For clients to better monitor user activities in real time, we included a live updating event log system in the analytics pages.


After several rounds — we put together a style guide including color, typography, buttons, and form widgets. From this we created a rich library of reusable components, both in design (Figma) and code (Angular/SCSS).

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